Here are some before and after shots of my bathroom. The renovation was done by Cato Constructions, they did an amazing job and I am super happy with the results. The style before it was renovated was a 90's version of federation bathroom, green and cream with yellow walls. It was renovated in the 90's and there had been no waterproofing at all so the floor was rotten.

I wanted a clean simple modern bathroom with a little twist of retro. We will not live in this house forever so I didn't want an outrageous design. Besides from having all the walls and floors ripped out,  I decided to remove the wall between the bath and shower. There were originally two shower heads on either end but I decided on just the one so there would be more air circulation...less mould! I left the wood windows so it would have a more earthy feel. I also installed custom made handles on the doors and linen closet from

Beautiful photography by Honey from  Insight Creative


I am a little obsessed lately over little white tiles with black grout. I wish I had done this in my bathroom.


How fun are these kitchens, if you are worried about adding a pop of colour to your kitchen then just use it in a few 2 pac cabinet doors that way later on if you hate it you can just get it re-painted. 


BAR LUCE DESIGNED BY THE AMAZINGLY TALENTED WES ANDERSON. This cafe / bar could not be more kitsch, I love the colours the fabrics the style.  Every movie and everything this man touches blows my mind.  I am always in awe of how he brings so much colour and design into every scene and outfit. 

Van Vines Nursery

How amazingly styled is this nursery. Sophie and Dale Vine off The Block have designed the most creative and beautifully serene nursery fo r there new little boy Van. I did two custom art pieces of S&D Vine huskies for Van's room . The original art was mainly black and white with touches of gold!