Here are some before and after shots of my bathroom. The renovation was done by Cato Constructions, they did an amazing job and I am super happy with the results. The style before it was renovated was a 90's version of federation bathroom, green and cream with yellow walls. It was renovated in the 90's and there had been no waterproofing at all so the floor was rotten.

I wanted a clean simple modern bathroom with a little twist of retro. We will not live in this house forever so I didn't want an outrageous design. Besides from having all the walls and floors ripped out,  I decided to remove the wall between the bath and shower. There were originally two shower heads on either end but I decided on just the one so there would be more air circulation...less mould! I left the wood windows so it would have a more earthy feel. I also installed custom made handles on the doors and linen closet from

Beautiful photography by Honey from  Insight Creative